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Don’t believe in fiction! Reality is all what you love & believe. Here are list of 10 most shocking documentary you ought to see.  While these documentaries might be of 5-10 min duration however one needs to appreciate the time, effort & risk that these directors had to go through while shooting them. Pick your best one from this list.

So here goes the post on 10 most shocking documentary ever made in the world. Please visit the youtube link to access the video on youtube.


10. Ballad of the Little Soldier

Director- Denis Reichle & Werner Herzog ( 1984)

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Werner Herzog , the German filmmaker has made many movies but this shocking documentary added another feather to his cap. The 45 minute documentary was based on child soldiers in Nicaragua. Who could have better assisted this movie than Herzog’s childhood friend Denis Reichle who himself was a child soldier during World War II in the Volkssturm. It contains interviews of the actual child soldiers. According to Herzog’s, he was in tears while having a shot in which a group of young boys were dressed in military gear and were singing an emotional song.

9. The Bridge

Director-Eric Steel ( 2006)

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Eric Steel’s “The Bridge” has got many authentic clips of people dying much like the known flick “Faces of the Death”. This shocking documentary features people committing suicide from San Fransico’s Golden Gate Bridge. The crew sat for the whole year 24 X 7 to capture people committing suicides, however they tried to stop people from jumping off to death but hey failed in many cases. The crew tried to find the reasons why people chose the momentous bridge, does it make their suicide remarkable? Although this movie can leave a depressing impression on the viewers but this tactful and tasteful  shocking documentary is worth watching.

8. Faces of Death

Director-Conan LeCilaire ( 1978)

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LeCilaire’s infamous shocking documentary has drawn many controversies and flak from the critics. The film claimed to use real footage in the film, but many argued that several clips were fake. This shocking documentary is a compilation of people dying in ghastly ways and the most gruesome scene was when tractor trailer runs over a cyclist and spilling his guts all over the street. Despite many controversies this movie finds a place in the list of most discussed documentaries because it has added a different genre in movies.


7. Shoah

Director-Claude Lanzmann ( 1985)

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Claude Lanzmann pulled off one of the most horrifying, depressing and shocking documentary, hollywood has ever seen. His nine and a half hour microscopic study on the Holocoust gave historians something to cheer. It is comprised mostly of the interview of concentration camps’ survivors, German participants of the slaughter and witnesses of the genocide. One of the most interesting things about Sloah is that it didn’t use any archival footage to depict the original scenario instead they relied on the words of survivors to draw out the emotions.


6. The Cove

Director-Louie Psihoyos (2009)

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The Cove bagged an Academy Award for its depictions on heinous Japanese dolphin drive hunting, It mirrored the brutal process whereby migrating dolphins are driven into coves and heartlessly stabbed, and chopped to death by inhumane fishermen. This shocking documentary unearthed the dirty nexus between politicians and the fishermen and how they covertly operate in minting dollars. The Japanese viewers have protested against this movie and it gave birth to many controversies. But the incredible work which Louie and his team did in getting the underwater slaughter shots was commendable.

5. Bride Kidnapping in Kyrgyzstan

Director-Vice.com (2011)

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You might be aware of some of the myriad abuses which are being done on women but reality is much more tragic and cruel than it seems to be. The online shocking documentary reveals one of the most scandalous cultural abuses towards women: bride kidnapping in Kyrgyzstan. After the fall of Soviet Union, the practice of kidnapping young girls and coercing them to marry someone against their will rose sharply .To get the authentic shots of kidnapping, the crew disguised as wedding photographers to a family, documented the wedding, participated in kidnapping but did nothing to stop the ghastly practice. The footage is intense and depressing at the same time. In one scene, One of the abductors laughs and addresses the crying woman: “Girls will be happy if they get married crying.”


4. The Hammer Maniacs

Produced for Aquí en Vivo (2010)

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It comes with a warning: Not for weak hearted persons. Indeed it is one of the most shocking and tragic Chilean documentaries, which depicts the most sadistic and horrifying story of three Ukrainian serial killers. The Dnepropetrovsk Maniacs were charged with 21 murders, some of which the crew also filmed. One of them was, brutal slaying of 48 years old, Yatzenko whose clip was leaked and became a viral hit under the title “3Guys1Hammer,” The shocking documentary features actual footage from the crime scenes.


3. Cropsey

Director- Barbara Brancaccio & Joshua Zeman (2009)

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This movie asks a question: What would happen if the stories of child kidnappers turn out to be true? It is about the story of an escaped mental patient who supposedly abducts and kills small children in New York. This shocking documentary describes the story of Andre Rand, a maniac accused of murdering 5 children in the 70’s and 80’s. The two figures, Rand & Cropsey, are used as a gateway for searching into the darker parts of small American towns. This shocking documentary also has a warning: don’t watch this documentary in the dark.

2. Jesus Camp

Director-Rachel Grady & Heidi Ewing (2006)

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The 85 minutes shocking documentary has horrified many of the Christians and has left them in a repulsive mode. It is about Charismatic Christian Summer Camp “Kids On Fire School of Ministry.” where children are sent to spend their summers and practice their prophetic gifts and are often taught that they can “take back America for Christ”. It trains children to be militia of the “army of God” against their secular belief. There are many scenes in which you’ll feel the intensity: children praying at a cardboard idol of President George W. Bush and are reduced to tears and screams performing rituals. Though the makers claimed it to be impartial but legions of conservative Christian fractions accuse it of being biased against their faith. This shocking documentary is not available on youtube, hence we linked up another website its hosted on.

1. Earthlings

Director- Shaun Monson (2005)

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Many would cringe when it comes to speciesism but Shaun Monson’s Earthlings is one of the most severe documentaries about animal right ever made. With the assistance of Joaquin Phoenix, Moby, and Maggie Q, Shaun created a niche in the domain of documentaries. It contains graphic footage of animals being  killed and exploited in industries all over the world. Major section of shooting is done by hidden cameras. Some of the footages are thoroughly inspired by Japanese dolphin dive hunting.


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