10 most dangerous film stunts ever performed.


We love to watch movies because they inspire and motivate us to move beyond our perceived capabilities. Using creative, imaginative & technological capabilities it often opens up our perspective. Of late action movies have really been well absorbed amongst the audience given the jaw dropping stunts performed. While majority of the actors use body doubles for the dangerous film stunts, few actors like Tom Cruise, Bratt Pitt etc believe in earning audience appreciation by doing the acts themselves. Here is a list of 10 most dangerous film stunts ever performed in movies.


10. The Amazing Spider Man – Slinging from web


Dangerous Film Stunts

Image Credits : whatculture.com

Don’t know much about which spider man flick was better- Sam Raibi’s or Marc Webb’s? But the latter one had one thing to stumble on. Sam Raibi’s spider man used web o strings with CGI but Marc Webber was not intended to use such complex things. He used minimal things and often used Andrew Garfield to sling like actual spider-man. They formed a bunch of sling lines made stunt men to go in certain sequence and perform the film stunts above cars , in the over pass and above semi-truck.


 9. Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol – Burj Khalifa Stunt


Dangerous film stunts

Image Credits : www.totalfilm.com

MIF series is always known for its unbelievable and terrifying film stunts and as always Tom Cruise pulls off a great show indeed. We don’t go for the plot, we go for the stunts which our very own Ethan Hunt is best at.

Scene- Ethan is climbing the tallest building in the world with his charged adhesive hand gloves.

Behind the scenes- Although Ethan was tied to the strings from the building but still it was pretty frightening to see the stunt. Inspired by cruise’s performance, his co-stars dropped the plan of using their body doubles to perform stunts in the building. 

Cruise became so obsessed with Burje Khalifa that he sat on top of the building.


Dangerous Film Stunts

Image Credits : movies.uk.msn.com

8. Licence To Kill – Chasing Tanker 


Dangerous Film Stunts

Image Credits : www.sfx.co.uk

 The Bond Movie depicted one of the most impeccable film stunts in the history of Hollywood. Although the movie received mixed reviews but we enjoyed every moment of its macabre stunts.

Scene- Bond is approaching the four tankers filled with cocaine and petrol. Bond overtakes two tankers, but the villain launches his bazooka and the projectile is approaching Bond and he carefully turns his 18 tyre truck on left side without any hiccup.

 Behind the scenes- Although the team was ready to rig the scene but the driver persisted to perform the stunt and true to his words he came out with flying colors. 

 The success of the second stunt is attributed to the fine suspensions of the truck.

Dangerous Film Stunts

Image Credits :whatculture.com

7. The Dark Knight Rises – Hijacking the Plane  

Dangerous Film Stunts

Image Credits : whatculture.com

 The stunts of Dark Knight Rises resemble the peculiar knack of Christopher Nolan and the very first scene of the movie can raise your eye brows.

Scene- Bane captures a government plane with the help of some henchmen from a plane positioned higher than the captive plane. They kill nearly everyone and rescue the partisans, after rescuing they wreck up the whole plane.

Behind the scenes- Nolan could have done it using miniatures, could have rigged but he had other thoughts. Some scenes were shot using the sets which resemble the interiors of plane. But for external shots Nolan brought plane and wreck it literally using ace stuntmen. But wait he was not satisfied with one shot. So he used another plane for other shot.

 Yes two planes were used for this classy stunt.


 6. Terminator 2: Judgement Day – Chase of Helicopter 

Dangerous Film Stunts

Image Credits : whatculture.com

You would call it just another scene of any mediocre Hollywood film… What is so special in Helicopter chasing…But wait this scene does not have any sort of trickery involved. It’s all real. 

When Cameron described the scene to cameraman, he at once rejected the proposal and scoffed at Cameron saying this can’t be shot but James took the camera and went on to shoot this masterpiece which still remains the USP of Terminator 2 which went on to become the huge success.


5. The Man With The Golden Gun – Rolling Car 360

Dangerous Film Stunts

Image Credits : www.sfx.co.uk

Another classic stunt from Bond series received mixed reviews for its film stunts. Some said it was not required, some said it was worthless and some said anybody could do it. But it was not that easy. 

Scene- James Bond Is chasing Francisca Scaramanga and when the chase is at its peak Bond realizes that he is chasing on the wrong side of the river. He wisely thinks of using a ramp and crossing the river, but here is the twist when the car escalates on ramp it rolls 360 degree and thankfully lands on its wheels and completes the whole scene. 

Behind the scene- The stunt man was specially called by the director and was paid 30000 pounds for the stunt which took place in one go.


 4. Raiders Of The Lost Ark – Climbing Under The Truck 

Dangerous Film Stunts

Image Credits : whatculture.com

While looking at this scene for first time you won’t call it a stunt rather just an easy going scene. But it has got serious action involved. 

Scene- Indiana Jones realizes that he is sitting in a hopeless position in the front of Nazi-driven truck. So he climbs down the front side, crawls underneath, reaches the rear side and pounces back to attack again while the truck is moving.

You will think- You call it a stunt? 

Behind the scenes- Yeah, it is although whole stunt was shot using body doubles with few close-ups added of protagonist. The stunt man agreed on one condition that the truck would be driven by one of his close friends and the director agreed. They gave a perfect shot and was paid handsomely.


3.  Dark Knight – Truck Flip 

Dangerous Film Stunts

Image Credits : www.escapestudios.com

Again take the feel of Nolan’s perfection. Yeah, we have got another amazing stunt from Dark Knight’s saga. 

Scene- Flipping of semi truck. 

Behind the scene- People suggested Nolan that it would be foolish to flip a semi rather one should use a miniature and paste it into real shot but Nolan is Nolan…he does not believe in dummies and miniatures. Stunt man warned Nolan of the positional vulnerability of the truck. An inch right would smash it with buildings and an inch left would destroy the street side.

Moreover they wanted a real driver and for that reason a real driver performed the film stunts but the cab was reinforced with durable strength.


2. Skyfall – Train Fight 

Dangerous Film Stunts

Image Credit : 8th-circuit.com

Another ace movie of Bond Series- Skyfall showed the film stunts to perfection with our very own Daniel Craig matching the persona with his same old cult. 

Scene- Bond and Eve are chasing a man who has stolen flash drives containing the details of undercovers of MI-6 and while chasing he jumped off from a bridge to a moving train. 

Behind the Scene-The entire scene was shot without green screens. There were two actors for performing stunts, ducking when the train passes through the tunnel and ripping off from the Caterpillar Back Hoe. The body doubles were used on very few instances and the only safety precaution was the thin string tied to the ankles.


1. Steamboat Bill Jr. – Collapsing Wall 

Dangerous Film Stunts

Image Credits : whatculture.com

You can see a huge wall falling down and the person who is walking unknowingly in his delusions is Buster Keaton.

Keaton has remained one of the most important nodes of Hollywood’s silent period. This archaic actor saw the zenith of achievements and popularity because of his incredible stunt timings and flawless stunts. 

Scene- He is walking unknowingly on the road and stopped to gaze something on the road. In the mean time the wall of the house falls and he is escaped by the space in window which you can see in pic.

Behind the Scene- What were the safety precautions taken? Literally there were no precautions. Only one nail marked the position of Keaton so that he could position himself. He missed the window’s boundary by 2 inches from all sides…..


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